10 May 2010

Happiness and contentment

being happy and content requires
a striving mind, but a strong heart;
a heart that is restless, but quite happy;
a happiness that is wholesome, but never quite content;
a state of contentment, but with desires;
a list of desires, but no conditions of fulfilment;
a pursuit to fulfil, but no final destination.

28 June 2008

Sight O' Delight....

a:"Look at it"
b:"I know, it fits, perfectly. I mean this is unbelievable"
c:"And there was the school of thought that this was humanly impossible"

a:"Haha, I can safely say, that school is now defunct"
b:"Brevity is sometimes a strange phenomenon"
c:"Yeah sure, but when its this perfect, its not a phenomenon"

a:"Long tail economics?"
b:"A bit of that may be"
c:"Come on now, is analysing it and assigning a theory of reasoning really necessary?"

a:"I guess not"
b:"Especially since the school's defunct !"

a:"A sight o' delight, indeed"
b:"That's cheesy, but, yes, indeed"
c:"Indeed !!"

21 April 2008

The road less traveled...

Today I took the road less travelled,
Wondered if it makes any difference.
For the road can be different,
But the traveler seldom changes

Today I took the road less traveled,
Realised it's not about the road at all,
It's about Me.

Paraphrasing Robert Frost

23 March 2008


gaijin - [japanese]
an outsider; foreigner.

The Gaijin

Scent filled mist,
The first breath of air
Young and innocent,
Alive and chirping

Devilish in desire,
Dismissive by nature
Impish and arrogant,
Kicking and screaming

Gentle breeze
Hand in hand, walk on the beach
Loving and caring,
Living and lasting

A fly on the wall,
To this world I look upon
To this world, I haven't belonged in
I'm Gaijin.